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Do you struggle with addiction?

Whether you are considering respite, recovery or recuperation for stress, addiction or health breakdown, we’re here to help you every step of the way. From the moment we meet you at the airport to the time you say goodbye, we are with you to assist with your process. Our warm and caring staff will make sure you have all your needs met so you have the best possible advantage in overcoming your health issues during detox and rehab.

We help you through tailor made detox program using counselling and holistic therapies so you can recover in comfort and safety. We also offer our short stay rehab for people who would like to take a deeper step into the recovery process. We help everyone plan carefully for relapse prevention when they exit this program.

Let us take care of you.

Taking the first step

Regardless of what stage you are at with your addiction, our expert staff will speak with you over the phone to make a plan that suits your needs. You may be looking for more information or you may be ready to start your withdrawal. We offer our services to people at various stages of change.

We treat our clients with respect, dignity and compassion. 

Create A New Life

Building new relationships with loved ones, colleagues and friends takes time and patience. Without the support of trained addiction specialists, it’s hard to know where to start. Feeling overwhelmed is normal. We help you plan your recovery so you can get your life back on track. With the help of our counsellors, therapists and medical staff, you can finish your detox with the confidence and skills to step into a new phase of your life.

We will also provide your loved ones with family support resources to help them work with you.

Take time out.

“ I never knew how good life would be without drugs”

Our services

We offer supervised drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation in conjunction with complementary therapies. Our specialist medical practitioner will have an appointment with you before your arrival to make sure you have the right medication for your withdrawal process. Symptoms of withdrawal such as pain, insomnia, anxiety and nausea can all be alleviated with the right medication. Our trained staff are here to support you through this phase and supervise your medication regime to keep you safe and well.

It’s also important to take time out and relax during your withdrawal process and rehabilitation. We offer clients regular massage, acupuncture, exercise, light physical activity and nutritious food. We provide a private, comfortable, non-clinical environment to ensure your withdrawal and rehabilitation process is as comfortable as possible.

Intake process

Our trained staff will organise an intake assessment over the phone within 24 hours. From this discussion, you and our supervisor will together create a plan for your admission asap. Our intake days are Mondays if you require a drug and alcohol withdrawal program. If you have already detoxed, admission can be any weekday. We stay in touch over the phone leading up to your arrival to help you stay on track.

Before your arrival you will need a doctor’ clearance letter to say you are medically fit for detox if you are needing a withdrawal program. Our prescriber will then organise a medical assessment appointment to discuss your medication needs. This is done offsite or via phone/Facetime before your arrival. Your medication is kept secure during your withdrawal program.

Canberra Drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation


Canberra Detox and Rehab is a private and confidential drug and alcohol addiction recovery retreat located in the Canberra region. Clients are offered a safe space for a supportive rehab residency in a relaxed retreat-style environment. We focus primarily on supporting the physical detox recovery process with privacy, care and understanding. We also offer rehabilitation programs, counselling, massage, therapies such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture.