Professional care

Our staff know what it’s like and have their own experience. We offer 24-hour care to a maximum of four clients at any one time, with a client to staff ratio of 2:1. Our staff work right alongside you, offering one-on-one counselling and education every day. We do not use the AA model, however we do complement AA programs and take clients to meetings if needed.

Our team of support staff, counsellors and therapists are here to make sure your withdrawal process is as smooth as possible. Our onsite staff can accompany you to your medical appointments and a pharmacy dispensary if necessary. We supervise your medication regime and administer health checks routinely every day. Our counsellors work you through the necessary stages of change, helping you to understand and address the underlying causes of your presenting issues.

Your support team can include specialised counsellors, a psychologist, social workers, mental health workers and personal trainers. We also offer post-withdrawal services with a counsellor or psychologist so you can stay connected and prevent relapsing.

Our qualified chef prepares the very best in nutritious and delicious food so you have the best chance of feeling healthy as soon as possible.

And of course, we have a dog who is a treasured member of our therapy team.


About Canberra Detox & Rehab

Canberra Detox and Rehab is a private and confidential drug and alcohol addiction recovery retreat located in the Canberra region. Clients are offered a safe space for a supportive private health retreat in a relaxed retreat-style environment. We focus primarily on supporting the physical detox recovery process with privacy, care and understanding. We also offer rehabilitation programs, counselling, massage, therapies such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture.

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